The demi-fall cap design has four comfortable, flexible combs placed strategically for easy attachment and secure fit. It was designed to fit any average head size, but it also has stretchability so it works just as well with larger head sizes or for those with alot of hair of their own.

The cap attaches 2 to 3 inches behind the wearer's front hairline and covers about three-quarters of the head. The exposed front hairline can be combed over and blended in with the beginning hairline of the fall. This creates an extremely natural effect, making the fall appear to be 100% your own hair.

It is not always necessary to blend the front hairline in with the beginning hairline of the fall to achieve a fully natural effect. It is also quick and easy to simply use a headband or scarf at the point where the hairline and the fall meet. By using this method, you'll still achieve a perfectly natural effect even if your own hair is much shorter than the fall's. Not only will your hair look great, but a color coordinated scarf or headband makes a classic fashion statement.

With styles ranging form chin-lenght "bobs" to long luxurious curls, our Demi-Fall collection truly offers the best of everything!




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