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Picture of 480-SHB  -  Kara - Short Wig

480-SHB - Kara - Short Wig

* 30% Human Hair / 70% Fiber blend * Hand-Tied Transparent Mono-Filament Silk Top * 100% Hand Made Cap

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Kara is a beautifully pre-designed hand-made wig style based on our study of the most desired basic cut and perms done in salons across the country. Even the fullness is based on the most perfect density of hair any woman could wish for. The hairs are hand placed in a similar spacing duplicating how hair leaves the scalp; stylability is made to follow your direction with the touch of a brush. Kara features a short tapered nape with a perfect amount of wave and softness.

  • Hair length: 2¼" to 3¼"
  • Weight: 2 to 2¼ oz
  • Features: All hand-made, 21" to 22" cap which includes 3 tape tab areas and 3 thin wefts used at the nape for a closer hugging neckline, plus alteration darts.
* Color

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