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Picture of Shampoo-It - Shampoo for Human Hair

Shampoo-It - Shampoo for Human Hair


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Shampoo-It -- Fortified Conditioning Shampoo


Deep Cleans and conditions human hair wigs and hairpieces perfectly because this shampoo is specially formulated for color treated hair.

* Fortified with vitamins and conditioners to help correct and restore damaged hair cuticle from the effects of hair coloring.

* Helps strengthen and restore healthy sheen, plus leaves hair softer!


Washing Instructions for 100% Hand Made Human Hair Articles

1) First brush through hair to loosen any knots or foreign matter.  Always use a brush with single bristles that have protective tips.       This will protect hand tied knots and will not pull on hair (we make this type of brush, ask about it). Do not use a standard brush,     i.e. boar bristle brush or any brush with more than one bristle coming out of the base at any one point.

2)    Prepare a solution of water and shampoo (for color treated or damaged hair) in a bowl or basin.  Prepare about one or two quarts depending upon size of hairpiece or wig.  Do Not Use Hot Water, only cool water is recommended.  Follow directions on manufacturer’s container for ratio of water verses shampoo.

3)    Using a cup in one hand while holding the base of the piece in the other, proceed to pick up the shampoo solution and pour it onto the hair and base foundation so solution continues to run through the hair only in a downward direction.  Repeat several times.  Always keep the solution running through the hair in a downward direction.  Never allow hand made human hair articles to soak in any kind of water solution whether washing, rinsing or conditioning.  Never place human hair articles in solutions and swish or slosh up and down.  This can cause tangling as the cuticles can cling to each other when doing so.

4)    Rinsing is primarily done in the same manner that the washing procedure was done, keeping the water running in the same direction from the base through the hair to the ends of the hair lengths.  The main reason for this is that the cuticle in hand made articles could cause trouble in some items from time to time. Rinse only with cool water.  It does not take much effort or intense strong handling to wash hairpieces.

5) While hair is still wet, spray on a quality human hair leave in conditioner that is designed for color treated hair or damaged hair.  Brushing through the hair will be made much easier with less tangling and knotting if used with quality conditioner (we also make and have designed such a leave-in conditioner for color treated hair, ask about it).  Always start to brush wet hair from the very bottom or ends of hair lengths, working your way up the hair length slowly and gently.  At this point, you can proceed to block hairpiece to styling block to set or re-style.