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EZ-16H - Human Hair Clip In Extension


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EZ Streaks are a thin, flat base mini hairpiece that can be used to add extra volume anywhere.  Also great for adding contrast & highlighting, EZ Streaks are available in a variety of colors and are easy to attach.  EZ Streaks work beautifully for creating curls and stylish up-dos for weddings & special occassions.

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Hair length: 16"
  • Base width: 1½" (3.8cm)
  • Attachment is with a single snap comb clip that locks into your own hair securely.

If you do not see your color listed, please check Related Products style EZ-16-RH - 100% Remy Human Hair Clip In Extensions


Color Chart
color 10 color 10-24 color 102 color 102-16 color 12-8 color 130 color 18-22 color 2
color 22 color 22-8 color 22N color 24-20 color 25B color 26 color 26G color 27B
color 28GR-6B color 29-4 color 4 color 6 color 613-14-24 color 25B-26 color 9-27B color 1B
color 8 color 14 color 27 color 28R color 29 color 32 color 33R color 59
color 60 color 131 color 132 color 133 color 478GR color 14-24F color 26G-27PF color 102-26F
color 130-30F