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Picture of 333H-WP - Human Hair Wing Comb PonyTail

333H-WP - Human Hair Wing Comb PonyTail


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FEATURING THE NEW WINGS PLUS BASE DESIGN WITH ELASTIC DRAWSTRING THAT COMPLETELY CONCEALS THE ATTACHMENT FOR NATURAL LOOKING HAIR! This beautiful instant hair extension is made with 100% human hair with a fine, european-like texture and softness. Attaches with a Wing comb with interlocking teeth. Add an instant ponytail in seconds with this secure hair extension. Perfect hair accessory for the beach or when your running out the door! You can style this lovely hair piece with hot curling irons for more curl or use a flat iron for a straight full hair fashion.

Alternate Use :  This model can also be used more like a Fall by removing the wing combs.  The base becomes flat, and you can add the desired combs for attaching to your own hair.


• Hair length: 16" (40.6cm)
• 100% Human Hair
• Attaches with a 7" plastic wing comb
• Can be re-styled with curls or flat ironed


Important Notice About Pricing of Lighter Human Hair Colors :

Darker shades of our human hair colors are more closely related to the original color of our hair from India and China.  Our factories can process this hair to make various darker hair colors without too much difficulty.  However, our factories have now increased our costs for processing lighter hair colors offered by our company.  This is due to the extra time, products and educated craftsmanship required to achieve quality hair colors with the least amount of abuse to the hair structure/cuticle.  Therefore, you will notice a slightly higher selling price if you should choose one of the lighter hair colors.  Thank you for your understanding.

* Color

Color Chart
color 1B color 2 color 4 color 6 color 8 color 10 color 12 color 14
color 22 color 22N color 25B color 26 color 26G color 27 color 27B color 28R
color 29 color 32 color 33R color 132 color 133 color 478GR color 613 color 672B
color 9-27BF color 12-8PF color 14-24F color 18-22F color 22-8F color 24-10F color 24-20F color 25B-26F
color 27B-14F color 28GR-6BF color 29-4PF color 102-26F color 130-30F color 613-14-24F
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