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BFM-16H-ZX-LP - Human Hair Butterfly Clip PonyTail


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16" Human Hair Instant Hair Extension (top photo shown with butterfly clip attachment, while second photo shows attachment without clip, see Featurs below)
Sixteen inches of the most beautiful, softest hair you could ever run your fingers through! Because this hair extension is made with 100% human hair, it can easily be styled any way you like by using curling irons or roller sets, just like you would use on your own hair! The use of styling implements such as hot irons, rollers, blow dryers, razors, & scissors allow you to create many styles.  The best part is that real human hair lasts and lasts, so you're sure to get years of enjoyment out of this lovely hairpiece!

• Hair length: 16"
• 100% Human Hair with a soft, European-like texture
• Medium Butterfly Clip Attachment
• Available with Elastic Drawstring Attachment
• Can be styled & curled with hot implements
Other Unique Uses:

   Base design allows the butterfly comb to be removed & use rounded cup shape base to cover own ponytail hair. Pulling the string tightens the base around own hair.

Important Notice About Pricing of Lighter Human Hair Colors :

Darker shades of our human hair colors are more closely related to the original color of our hair from India and China.  Our factories can process this hair to make various darker hair colors without too much difficulty.  However, our factories have now increased our costs for processing lighter hair colors offered by our company.  This is due to the extra time, products and educated craftsmanship required to achieve quality hair colors with the least amount of abuse to the hair structure/cuticle.  Therefore, you will notice a slightly higher selling price if you should choose one of the lighter hair colors.  Thank you for your understanding.

* Color

Color Chart
color 10 color 33R color 9-27BF color 14-24F color 18-22F color 22-8F color 24-10F color 26G-27PF
color 27B-14F
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