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HBT-4x4 - Integration Hairpiece

Hair-B-Tweenz Integration Hairpiece/ Mini Spot Filler

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Our smallest, lightly-textured integration hairpiece that can do wonders for your hairstyle in areas of thinness. These pieces are made using 5 rows of elastic hair wefts, with spaces between each row that allow you to pull your own hair through, creating a natural, fuller look, right where you need it.

These pieces are not intended to cover up your hair. They are designed to blend in with your own hair, offering volume and height. This piece is ideal for women with soft, fine hair of their own who want a light textured hairpiece that will look natural when worn.
  • Hair length: 4" (10.2cm)
  • Base width: 4" (10.2cm)
  • Curl pattern: about the size of a half dollar coin.
  • Stretchable base wefting
  • Made of 100% Kanekalon fiber blends with slightly pre-teased roots for extra fill-in capacity!
  • To get the look of highlights without chemically treating your hair, choose a color that is a shade different from your natural haircolor. Once blended in with your hair, the result is a beautiful highlighted effect.
  • Ideal for use at top, crown or bang area.
* Color

Color Chart
color 1B color 2 color 4 color 6 color 7A color 8 color 10 color 12
color 14 color 16 color 18 color 20 color 22 color 22N color 25B color 26
color 26G color 27 color 27B color 28R color 29 color 30 color 32 color 33R
color 34 color 38 color 40 color 44 color 51 color 56 color 58 color 59
color 60 color 101 color 102 color 130 color 131 color 132 color 133 color 478GR
color 613 color 672B color 9-27BF color 12-8PF color 14-22F color 14-24F color 17-101F color 18-22F
color 22-8F color 24-10F color 24-20F color 25B-26F color 26G-27PF color 28GR-6BF color 29-4PF color 102-16F
color 102-26F color 130-30F color 133-2PF color 613-14-24F
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