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187-S - Tiffany - Full Wig

* Hand-Tied Transparent Mono-Filament Silk Top

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This classic wig style has a closely tapered nape that quickly builds into a pre-cut wedgier page style- perfect right out of the box. A professional hair stylist could easily individualize this style by cutting the wig shorter to the mouth or cutting shorter bangs.

  • Hair length: 9" (22.9cm) to 11½" (29.2cm)
  • Weight: 4½ oz
  • Features: 21" (53.3cm) to 22" (55.9cm) cap size, lightweight, cool capless construction, Velcro sizing tabs
* Color

Color Chart
color 1B color 2 color 4 color 6 color 8 color 10 color 12 color 18
color 20 color 22 color 25B color 26 color 26G color 27B color 28R color 29
color 33R color 60 color 101 color 102 color 132 color 133 color 478GR color 9-27BF
color 12-8PF color 14-24F color 18-22F color 22-8F color 24-10F color 25B-26F color 26G-27PF color 27-30F
color 29-4PF color 133-2PF color 613-14-24F
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