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175 - Synthetic Wig

* 100% Synthetic Fiber Blends * Machine Made

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100% synthetic fiber wig with shorter cut temple areas and a dramatic soft longer nape area. Pre-teased wefted roots for lift and easy styling. Hair lengths from 2" to 4 3/4". Standard cap circumferance of 21"

* Color

Color Chart
color 1B color 10 color 14 color 18 color 20 color 22 color 26 color 27B
color 30 color 34 color 38 color 102 color 130 color 16-102F color 18-22F color 20-24F
color 25B-26F color 26-102F color 30-130F color 131-133F color T24-8 color T26-14 color T102-16
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