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Picture of Kleans-It - Synthetic Hair Shampoo

Kleans-It - Synthetic Hair Shampoo

Kleans-It - Concentrated Shampoo For Synthetic Hair

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8 oz. Kleans-It Concentrated Synthetic Hair Shampoo with Fabric Softener

This shampoo is specifically designed for cleaning only synthetic hair as it is designed to clean and re-condition hair fibers (not human hair) with ingrediances that treat surfaces of  hair fiber. One of the inert ingrediances includes a special kind of fabric softener which cuts static electricity (which can cause damaging frizz to most hair fibers). Unlike human hair, wig fiber does not have any cuticle nor can it absorb anything, so products that treat surfaces of fiber is crucial.

Other products in our Kleans-it are *Low Suds content to rinse out easier, **Odor eater to help remove odors from used wigs and pieces.