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Picture of Style-It - Synthetic Holding Hairspray

Style-It - Synthetic Holding Hairspray

Style-It Holding Spray for Synthetic Fiber

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8 oz. Style-It Synthetic Holding Hairspray

Here’s one of the best holding and styling synthetic wig sprays ever! It is not sticky nor does it leave any flakiness and the best reasons is because it is designed to be 100% water soluble so it rinses and/or washes out with water without leaving a residue build up on the wig fibers; clean your synthetic wig or hair piece using proper products and your wig will have a fashionable longer life!

Stylists love STYLE-IT because it works well when styling, it’s quick drying design allows your wig to stay right where you want it to be! Holds hair great in wind, rain, and humidity too!