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959-SF - Mid-Length Synthetic Fiber Wig


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A soft mid-length "Bob" style that drapes around the head with all the finese of a professional salon hair cut. A natural blow cut look with soft smooth lines throughtout. Ready to wear right out of the box; you'll love it!

* Hair lengths are approximately 7"-8" at the front, 9"-10" at the crown, and 6"-8" at the nape. From the profile it has an upward angle from back nape to front sides.

* Made of NEW luxurious "Futura" Heat Resistant synthetic fiber for a longer life. "Futura" fiber is a polyester hair fiber, not modacrylic.

* The transparent monofilament silk top is remarkedly natural looking and cool to wear.

* Features tape-tab areas at the front and sides for securing the wig to the head for those with extreme or total hair loss.

* Soft Velcro adjustment strapes offer sizing variations to fit most average head sizes.

* Color

Color Chart
color 1B color 2 color 4 color 6 color 8 color 12 color 27B color 32
color 132 color 672B color 29-4PF color 28GR-6BF color 12-8PF color 9-27BF color 14-24F color 25B-26F
color 26-26GF color 27-30F color 130-30F color 613-14-24F