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14" Hair Length Heat Resistant Fiber & Human Hair Blend

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Capri Toppers........ with integration capabilities!!

Styles 413-SHB (6" Hair length) and 414-SHB (14" hair length)

One of our most natural light weight hairpieces ever made for the top area of the head.  These pieces are 100% Hand Made construction with a monofilament silk top portion and had ventilated ribbon around the sides and back.

Best of all, they are both made using 30% Remy Human Hair blended with 70% of the newest heat resistant fiber called "Futura".  That this will allow you to do is very close to how you might work with human hair, just at a slightly lower heat temperature.

Style #414-SHB This is made using 14" (36cm) hair legnth with a sof wave pattern.   Base size is 5 1/2" from side to side and 7" front to back.  The base can be cut into smaller sizes (see instructions below and pictures A & B above).

You can easily cut bangs into this style to suit client's forehead and style desired.  Once attached, you can also trim the hair to desirned length.  This style can also be curled or re-curled with the use of round brushes and low heat hairdryer or steamer.


Base Attachment Method:

There are 3 snap comb clips attached to the base, plus we give you a 4th clip inside the box so if you should need one more clip at the front hairline it can easily be hand sewn intp the hairpiece if so desired.  Also, double faced tape could be used across the front monofilament hairline if hair loss is complete.

About the unique base design:

There is a system (or outline) pre-designed into the base construction which allows you to re-size the base into 2 other sizes of use :

1) 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" :  By cutting the ribbon connections along the outer line of the middle "U" shape, you could reduce the base size into a medium size of 4 1/2 side to side x 5 1/2" front to back (see photo "A") 

2) 2 1/2" X 3 3/4" :  By cutting the ribbon connections along the outer line of the inner "U" shape, it can become a small size of 2 1/2" side to side x 3 3/4" front to back (see photo "B")

*Note :  By cutting the base into smaller sizes, you would have to re-attach the clops higher up into the base.


Color Chart
color 2 color 4 color 26-26G color 672B color 9-27BF color 24-10F color 25B-26F color 27B-14F
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