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Picture of 182H - Human Hair Silk Top Hairpiece

182H - Human Hair Silk Top Hairpiece

100% Human Hair Ultra Sheer Silk Top

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With its 16" (40.6cm)hair length made of 100% Human Hair, this Mini Fall can be used for longer hairstyles or can be cut and restyled into a number of custom shorter styles to suit you. Because it's human hair, even perms and curling irons can be used!



  • Hair length: 16" Human Hair throughout
  • Weight: 2½ to 2¾ oz
  • Base coverage: 6" (15.2cm) across, 6" (15.2cm) front to back
  • Attaches with 4 snap comb clips. For severe hair loss, remove clips at front and back to reveal tape tab areas.
  • Made using transparent monofilament silk top, which offers the most natural appearance for those with extreme thinness or hair loss at the top of the head area. This cool silk material gives the illusion of hair growing out from the scalp.

Important Notice About Pricing of Lighter Human Hair Colors :

Darker shades of our human hair colors are more closely related to the original color of our hair from India and China.  Our factories can process this hair to make various darker hair colors without too much difficulty.  However, our factories have now increased our costs for processing lighter hair colors offered by our company.  This is due to the extra time, products and educated craftsmanship required to achieve quality hair colors with the least amount of abuse to the hair structure/cuticle.  Therefore, you will notice a slightly higher selling price if you should choose one of the lighter hair colors.  Thank you for your understanding.

    * Color

    Color Chart
    color 14 color 1B color 2 color 4 color 6 color 8 color 10 color 12
    color 22 color 22N color 25B color 26 color 26G color 27 color 27B color 28R
    color 29 color 32 color 34 color 38 color 44 color 51 color 59 color 60
    color 102 color 132 color 478GR color 613 color 672B color 9-27BF color 12-8PF color 14-24F
    color 18-22F color 22-8F color 24-10F color 24-20F color 25B-26F color 26G-27PF color 27B-14F color 28GR-6BF
    color 29-4PF color 102-26F color 130-30F color 133-2F color 613-14-24F
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